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Delivery Policy

When will I receive my delivery?
Made2Macro charges a $8 fee for delivering the meals within the Tampa Bay area.  All deliveries are handled on Saturday morning for Tampa and St. Pete customers.  .

How to prepare for your delivery?
It is the customers obligation to provide us with all needed information so we can successfully deliver the food which includes any gate codes, apartment numbers etc.   The food will be delivered in Cooler bags with ice packs.  You may receive communication via email or telephone reminding you of the upcoming delivery.  The customer will place any previous bags and ice packs out for our delivery crew to pick up each time they drop off new food.  We do not have a Cooler bag fee so we track the bags and if we notice that you are not placing your bags for pick up, there is a $10 fee per each un-returned bag.  When our delivery crew arrives on site, they will drop off your new bag, pick up old one and KNOCK or RING to let you know the delivery has been made.

What am I responsible for upon delivery?
Once your delivery has been made, the delivery crew will KNOCK or RING to inform you that your food is waiting outside.  It is your responsibility to receive your food in a TIMELY manner after delivery and refrigerate it accordingly before consuming.  Made2Macro is not responsible for replacing any food due to theft, customer absence or other prolonged exposure to elements after delivery has been made.

1.5 What additional fees may apply?

There may be circumstances that require additional payment by you if the conditions mentioned have not been met or you require special services outside of our standard delivery.

1.8 Can I make changes to the delivery address after I place my order?
Contact us for any address changes and we will work with you to make sure your food is successfully delivered within the Tampa Bay area.